USSSA Scoring/Streaming

Starting with Release 1.6.0, USSSA will be beta testing our new scoring/streaming functionality which we hope to roll out starting this September for the 2024 season.

Testing scoring (and especially streaming) is difficult without your help so we’d appreciate any and all feedback you’re willing to provide. We are aware that it’s not perfect which is why we’ve decided on this approach to roll it out. If you have any feedback (hopefully positive) please feel free to reach out via the App Support tab (you can shake the phone to launch) or email us as [email protected]

What's New?

Game Details

You are now able to click into individual game details from either the Schedules tab (for teams you follow) or the Pool Play from Game Center. We’re aware that Bracket Games do not currently show up in Game Center and this will be addressed in the next release.

Rosters & Scoring

Entering rosters is a thing of the past. We’ve partnered with iScore to create a seamless scoring experience. Just click Score Game and all rosters carry over. Note: You must download iScore first in order to score.


At the moment, anyone with permissions (see below) is able to stream the game. There can only be one stream per team per game. Similar to GameChanger, the scoreboard will appear for those doing both streaming and scoring, but you’ll need to make sure that they are timed similarly so that the score reflects what is being streamed.


Each event will now have a Leaderboard tab which will show up-to-the-minute leaders, by division, in certain statistical category. Leaders are re-tabulated whenever you complete scoring the game through iScore. If you don’t reach the end of the game in iScore it will not show up.


Player stats are now being kept on a per game basis for each respective team. If a single team scores a game, the stats will be applied to players of BOTH teams.  If both teams score the game, stats are applied to each respective team.

Scoring/Streaming Permissions

If your email address is associated with the team as either a manager or guardian, you will have access to score the game. If you do not have access, you can request access and the manager of the selected team will receive an email asking for them to approve the request.

Known Issues

  1. Android Support: This first release is only for iOS…sorry 🙁
  2. Bracket Games: We’re aware that Bracket Games (and links to Game Details) do not currently show up in Game Center and this will be addressed in the next release.
  3. Scoreboard Feed: If 2 teams are scoring, the scoreboard will default to the home team feed. We are working on adding a way to show which scorekeeper is active and a way to toggle between them.

Coming Soon (Really Soon)

Android Support

This first release is only for iOS…sorry 🙁

Live Scoreboards

If a game is being scored in real time you’ll see a “Live” tag to indicate that this game is being scored live.

Player Stats

Starting with the 2024 season, we will display the player stats on their profile page. Stats will be broken down by season, event and game.

Player Recognition/Badges

As games are scored players will be able to earn digital badges that will be added to their profiles for recognitions earned based on their position on the event leaderboard.

Head-to-Head Matchup

Quickly access matchup details for both teams playing in the game.

Season Leaderboards

Season stats will be tabulated for all players and leaderboards will highlight players across different statistical categories.

Video Clips

Individual video clips/archives by player per game…same concept as you’re already familiar with through GameChanger

Scoring FAQs

Getting Started
  1. Download iScore on the App Store
  2. Designate a Scorekeeper
  3. Confirm the Scorekeeper is able to score the game
  4. Update player jersey numbers from the USSSA Team Management or via iScore.
  5. Important: When launching iScore, ensure that the settings have the correct number of innings and sport. This should be the case when you launch but as we’re testing it’s good to confirm.
How does scoring work?

There can only be one scorekeeper per team per game.

If only one team scores the game, stats will be applied to BOTH teams in that specific game.

If both teams score the game, stats will be applied to each respective team.

Who can score a game?

By default, only a manager or a guardian associated with a team is able to score the game. We determine association based on the email address used when signing up for the app. If your email address does not match or your significant other is setup as the guardian, you can request permission to score and the team manager will receive an email notification to approve.

Note: This is a process we’re working to improve and will eventually have some of these team management featured built into the app. 

What if the scores are incorrect?

For our initial launch, once a game has been marked complete in iScore, the stats will be tabulated and applied to the player/team. We’re sure this will need to be addressed as mistakes will happen so we ask that if there are cases like this that you reach out and we can help solve it.

Ultimately, we don’t want to police these scores. If a score keeper incorrectly scored the game you’ll want to connect with them to make sure they correct it.

General FAQs

Why iScore vs GameChanger?

We know that most of you love GameChanger…we think it’s great too and tried to come up with ways to make it work. At the end of the day, iScore was the better integration partner as it allowed us to build a near seamless scoring/streaming experience…with game/player data flowing back into the app. As a result, we’re able provide you with event leaderboards, individual/season stats and awards/recognitions…all things we would not have been able to do otherwise.

The scoring experience will take a little adjustment (as with anything else) but once you get into it you’ll find that it’s a great product and will make things like entering/managing rosters a breeze.

Sync Stats with GameChanger

Your stats are yours. We’re more than happy to provide a means to export the stats but as of this time, there is no automated way to sync/import into GameChanger. Maybe that’s something they’ll provide in the future and you’re more than welcome to reach out to let them know.

How to report issues

We’re not perfect and are constantly working to deliver a quality product. While we do test releases there are cases where things may not work as expected or we run into a bug that we may not have anticipated. If you do run into an issue with scoring/streaming, please use the App Support option in the menu to report it. We’re constantly checking and will get back to you the same day…or sooner.

I hate I have to use it?

We want everyone to have fun. If you prefer to using GameChanger and don’t want to score two separate times, we get it. While there’s no requirement to score a game we can’t calculate stats if you don’t score so in those cases you wouldn’t have access to recognition and exclusive events down the road.

But that means I have to score on GameChanger separately...

Correct. Or you can designate someone to score on USSSA while you score on GameChanger.

Streaming FAQ

Streaming Issues

We’re going to be working to improve streaming and are looking for feedback.